Monthly Archive: September 2014

Why postback pixels aren’t good enough 0

Why postback pixels aren’t good enough

What is it with the increase in use with global postbacks? This is where you send the network an id and they send it back to you if it converts. It seems that some affiliates are actually using this type of tracking and optimising on a single tracking system. For the love of god can people stop using postback conversion tracking. It’s terrible, ineffective and most of all limiting in...

Facebook taking on Google Adwords 0

Facebook taking on Google Adwords

UPDATE: 29th September 2014 – More details coming in about this. Facebook is expected to make an announcement tonight about the new ad platform. Early reports suggest it is a reworked version of Atlas which they acquired from Microsoft. The key principle is laser targeting across multiple devices. So you can target the same user on their phone, tablet and laptop. Some more details here: Original Post: This...

Exoclicks Big Data Migration 0

Exoclicks Big Data Migration

Exoclick has launched their new admin platform in beta. Some improvements include: Real time reporting, stats updated every minute rather than every quarter of an hour. Day parting capabilities and day part reporting Other new reporting features like carrier, browser, os, device This gives some really good insights in to the campaigns and I’m sure that advertisers can use this data to improve conversion rates. Day parting is the obvious...