Monthly Archive: November 2014

Boost Software (PC Cleaner) Shutdown 0

Boost Software (PC Cleaner) Shutdown

The FTC has taken another swipe at the darker side of the affiliate industry by closing down Boost Software. Assets frozen and business practices suspended! There CPI offers were pretty big but the business model was scammy at best. The FTC paid particular attention to the telemarketing “scare tactics” used on the backend of the offer. Hopefully noone got too burnt by this… Be careful what you promote!

Mobile eCPM’s still not competing with desktop 0

Mobile eCPM’s still not competing with desktop

Here’s some stats I ran off today from a Google Adsense account I have for some old seo based domains with various sites and “general” mainstream traffic. It’s interesting to see that the eCPM’s for desktop traffic are still way above that of high end mobile devices: Platform Page views Clicks Page CTR CPC Page RPM Estimated earnings Desktop 217560 6117 2.81% £0.26 £7.38 £1,604.64 High-end mobile devices 110708 2048...

Upgrading to WordPress 4.0 a breeze 0

Upgrading to WordPress 4.0 a breeze

I always get the fear when doing major upgrades on any platform. Something is bound to be non-compatible and get messed up. In this instance upgrading to WordPress 4.0 took about 5 minutes, didn’t mess up the themes and everything is still where it should be… right? WordPress is, in my opinion, the best platform for blogging and amateur website creation. There’s over 30,000 plugins, more themes than you’ll ever...

My Office 0

My Office

My office at home. Dell XPS14 Laptop, Dell UHD monitor, Madkatz strike7 gaming keyboard (never played a game on it in my life) and a Madkatz mouse. The Bakerlite phone in the background is a genuine one from the 1940’s. I’d love to rig this up to a bluetooth handset but don’t have the heart to take it apart.

Matomy Media Group 0

Matomy Media Group

So you think you’ve made it in the performance marketing space? Check out the figures in Matomy’s interim report for a humbling come back down to earth: Overview of results ($ millions) H1 2014 GAAP H1 2013 GAAP Change GAAP Revenue 107.6 97.3 11% Gross profit 28.8 25.6 13% Operating profit 6.5 4.6 42% Pre-tax profit 13.9 4.1 235% Net income 13.0 3.0 329% Earnings per share 0.18 0.04...