Monthly Archive: December 2014

How Groupon’s landing page has evolved in two years 0

How Groupon’s landing page has evolved in two years

In 2012 Groupon was at the cutting edge of performance marketing. They had big budgets and were doing big business with affiliates. I thought it would be interesting to analyse a landing page from back then and then one they use today. The lander actually reminds me a bit of some of the dating landing pages which are used throughout the industry. They must still have plenty of volume for...

make money online 0

How To Make Money Online

Historians will look back at this period of time as an information revolution in the same way we look back at the industrial revolution. In the space of 30 years we have gone from basic communications to having a small portable device connected to a network capable of delivering answers to any question, maps, shopping and dumb selfies of our friends. There have been more millionaires created from web businesses...

Disproportionate Tablet Traffc On Google Adwords 0

Disproportionate Tablet Traffc On Google Adwords

Have you checked your Adwords campaigns by device recently? If not you should definitely take a look because there is a huge amount of tablet traffic and no way to block it for desktop campaigns. You can set bid adjustments at -100% to block mobile traffic but Google have disabled this feature for tablets. This means you are stuck with a lot of tablet traffic, in fact a very disproportionate...