Monthly Archive: December 2015


Download: Basic Email Newsletter Template

Here is a template for a basic email newsletter: Some important things to note when creating email newsletters: Inline CSS Only, no style sheets or <style> tags as they will be stripped by most clients. Make it responsive, a lot of email is read on mobile, it should collapse and expand beautifully. Add utm_source=email&utm_campaign=email newsletter to links to track it in Google Analytics External JS/CSS/Fonts/API’s are all a...


Leading Ad Networks

Here is a list of the leading ad networks @ Dec 2015: Search PPC Google Adwords MSN Adcenter Social Networks Facebook Twitter Plenty of Fish Reddit LinkedIn In-text Ad Networks 50onRed Infolinks Clicksor Pay per view PPV Traffic Vance Lead Impact Media Traffic Clicksor Pop Unders Wiget Media Adcash AdsTerra Banner Display Networks / Exchanges Sitescout Google Adwords Display / Doubleclick Engage BDR (First Impression) BuySellAds Adroll OpenX...