346 million clicks handled by Prosper202

Credit where credit is due, for free open source software, Prosper202 is great. I’ve had a few issues along the way but this software can be scalled to huge volumes relatively easily. If you aren’t using it to track your campaigns get it setup today:

Prosper202 scalling to volumeSome tips on running prosper at volume:
1) Check your maximum connection limits in MySql and Apache
2) Clean your database once it gets past 3-5gb in the administration section
3) Once a month empty the table called 202_site_urls using phpMyAdmin
4) Only use on campaigns you want to analyse the stats for, if you know you aren’t going to be bothered digging into the stats just direct link and bypass prosper all together.
5) Set the login redirect to the administration page so you can keep an eye on the DB level every time you login.

Prosper is free open source software you can download here and install on your own server.

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