A lesson in writing headlines


This site is an epic resource of great copy for headlines. Here are some examples and the techniques they employ:

  • This $145,000,000 Spiritual Headquarters Is Just Ridiculous. I’m Sure You Know Who Built It.
    Questioning the reader to draw intrigue
  • The ‘Before’ Photo Made Me Sick. Yet The ‘After’ Photo Is So Great That I Actually Laughed.
    The promise of an emotional rollercoaster
  • A Soldier Found This Box Left on His Bed. Nothing Could Prepare Him For What Was Inside.
    What was inside? I don’t know, I shouldn’t care but now I do…
  • You’ll Need To Look At These Famous Crime Scenes Twice. When You See Why, It’s Worth It.
    This article is worth reading, we told you so directly
  • He Was Found Freezing And Dying. Yet Somehow The Last Photo Made My Entire Year.
    Come on who wouldn’t want to click through on that?

Every post is AMAZING, AWSOME, EPIC, LIFE CHANGING etc etc. There’s an energy and enthusiasm about the writing. The images they use as well are great, only showing enough to draw your attention and leaving you wanting more.

viralnova great headlines and images

See how they use the red circle to highlight something you just can’t quite see.

Easy to see why they are now an Alexa Top 200 site.

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