Big Thank You To Neverblue for Out of Bounds Dominican Republic

Just like to say a big thank you to Neverblue for organising Out of Bounds Dominican Republic. It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by like minded people and have all the luxuries the Neverblue team laid on.

Sun Rise Punta Canna 2012

My main takeaways from the trip were:-

  • Mobile advertising is expanding with more and more affiliates jumping on the band wagon
  • Dating and daily deals still dominate at NB
  • More people are cloaking on traffic sources to get their campaigns approved.
  • There was also lots of interesting talk about back end monetisation of leads and list building etc.

All in all a great time, in a great place with great people. Thanks again Neverblue.

Jet Won The “Top Affiliate in the Universe Trophy” a.k.a. “Who Can Run The Most Traffic While Drunk Trophy”

If you aren’t signed up with Neverblue you really should consider filling in the application and getting yourself on one of their Out of Bounds trips.


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