Book Review: How To Get Rich – Felix Dennis

This book was recommended on someones most life changing books list. Despite the guru title it’s actually quite a bit different to the standard Tony Robbins spin-offs. The writer Felix Dennis isn’t selling anything, there’s no upsells or hidden agenda. He’s an older guy that made a lot of money in magazine publishing and floated a large electronics mail order company in the US. His net worth is quoted in the book as around 800 million GBP.

His book is a combination of stories about his rise to success and some failures and struggles along the way. He writes poetry and includes some of that in the book. He also has some good general advice about things like hiring the right people, dealing with failure, negotiations and controlling equity within your company.

It’s a loooooooong book or at least it seemed that way, it’s not the easiest to read. If English is your second language and/or you think the English sense of humor is obnoxious this probably isn’t going to be a nice light Sunday afternoon read.

There’s not a lot of genuine information from really successful people out there and I think the advice from someone that has really been there and done it is valuable. If you can get through it and have big ideas about becoming a billionaire it’s worth adding to your 2017 reading list.

This is what a genuine baller looks like

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