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Capitalisation of Links Test

I thought an interesting split test would be to test if links that are capitalised get more clicks than ones that don’t. For example: – standard (control) – Capitalised This was for...


Building Basic Websites

Every now and again you just need a basic site setup to have an internet presence. Normally this occurs for me when a friend or family member tells people I “do websites” and I...

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Checking landing page load times

Landing page load times can make a big difference to the conversion rate of an affiliate campaign. Here’s a great free site for checking load times and getting suggestions on how to improve the...

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Designing Banners in Place

Something I don’t hear a lot of affiliates talk about is taking the placement in to consideration when designing banners. Sometimes if you are targeting multiple sites/positions this isn’t possible but for traffic sources...

Upgrading to WordPress 4.0 a breeze 0

Upgrading to WordPress 4.0 a breeze

I always get the fear when doing major upgrades on any platform. Something is bound to be non-compatible and get messed up. In this instance upgrading to WordPress 4.0 took about 5 minutes, didn’t...

Refactoring for ROI in affiliate marketing 0

Refactoring for ROI in affiliate marketing

The importance of refactoring is well documented in the programming world. But I haven’t seen it mentioned in an affiliate marketing context. So what is refactoring? Basically starting again from scratch. So instead adding...