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Some tools to help with affiliate marketing


Pop Under Code 2017

This code is used for running pop under traffic on your own site. It adds an onclick function to every link on the page which opens a new tab with the clicked link and changes the existing window (underneath) to a popped ad url. Make sure you change the var puURL from to whatever you want to pop. The number 3600 in the code is number of seconds to...


Beautiful Email Template [Download]

I loved this email layout so I created my own version which you can download from here: View the html page: Update all the images and links before you send out. The background skyline is in the zip file, you could modify to suit your niche just keep the color the same.


A simple floating feedback/support button

It can be very useful for online businesses to collect feedback from their customers. This gives us priceless insight in to their wants, needs and problems. One quick way to start collecting feedback is to place a floating button on the side of your website which opens up a little form. This can be used for support queries too just change the name of the button. There is a working...


RAM & CPU usage PHP script

I needed a script to do a basic server health check and built the following which can be viewed here: and downloaded here: It measures RAM, CPU, Hard disk usage, Established and total connections, a few other bits and pieces. It has a traffic light system which is setup for my needs but you can fiddle with as necessary if you want to change the parameters. Here’s a...


Basic exit intent pop up script

The following script will launch a pop up and redirect if the user moves the mouse off the page. You can add this to your landing page targeted at desktop users, on mobile it wont work obviously. This is just a basic version but you can change the popUp() function to load an email capture box, redirect to the offer page, load a different lander/angle, play a sound or video,...


Download: Basic Email Newsletter Template

Here is a template for a basic email newsletter: Some important things to note when creating email newsletters: Inline CSS Only, no style sheets or <style> tags as they will be stripped by most clients. Make it responsive, a lot of email is read on mobile, it should collapse and expand beautifully. Add utm_source=email&utm_campaign=email newsletter to links to track it in Google Analytics External JS/CSS/Fonts/API’s are all a...


Tool to generate a guest blog post request

This tool can be used to generate a guest blog post request for SEO purposes. This is a great way to not only build SEO juice but it also gets your name out there and helps interact with the community surrounding your niche. Simply enter your name,site,niche and theirs and it will generate a unique guest post request letter. Email that over and you will hopefully get some responses....

mobile landing page code 0

A Simple Mobile Landing Page Template

Here’s a quick design template which is very flexible for mobile app / pin submit type offers. You can view the page at: And download it from: Obviously be careful that your button is above the fold on old and new phones. Big image + long headers can push it below which wouldn’t be good. This is great for testing new angles fast because it takes two mins...

daily calcs screenshot 1

Daily Calcs Profit And Loss Spreadsheet Download For Affiliate Marketers

Here is the spreadsheet I use to monitor my profit and loss accounts on a daily basis. It’s provided here as a downloadable spreadsheet but I would recommend setting it up how you want and then uploading to Google Docs so it can be worked on from anywhere by anyone. This document works by inputting your daily revenues and your traffic source costs in the various currencies and it will...