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Display Marketing Logo Challenge 0

Display Marketing Logo Challenge

Wow I don’t mind admitting half of these companies I’ve never heard of before: Display marketing infographic (from a good blog actually looking at the industry from an investment perspective) They also have ones for mobile, social and search: and my favourite, just in case anyones working on the next MyFace:

Direct Linking and Retargeting 0

Direct Linking and Retargeting

Here is how to do it, you’ll still need a server and a domain. Point all your traffic towards a php file i.e. Then place all your retargeting pixels in to the trackandforward.php file and put a meta refresh at the the end. The page will load the retargeting cookies will be placed and then the user will be sent on his way to the affiliate offer without even...

Is Facebook Going Live with Mobile Traffic? 0

Is Facebook Going Live with Mobile Traffic?

Is Facebook getting ready to go live with mobile traffic? There are options for mobile operating systems and devices in broad categories now. I still haven’t seen any ads other than sponsered stories on yet… This screenshot is from the power editor in Chrome, highly recommended if you are uploading lots of similar ads.

Facebook Demand Government ID For Multiple Accounts 0

Facebook Demand Government ID For Multiple Accounts

Yesterday I logged into one of the Facebook accounts I use for marketing and was confronted with this: I took a photo of an id and modified the name, date of birth and photo to match the account. Note they require the date of birth you use when registering so make sure you note it. Everything else I blanked out. Blurred the image a few times to hide the modifications...

Resizing images and adjusting landing pages based on screen resolution 0

Resizing images and adjusting landing pages based on screen resolution

So many browsers so many different screen resolutions. Here’s a way to modify html code based on the screen resolution of the browser. In this example I have changed an image but there is no reason why you cant change text, font size or even use it to redirect users who have mobile sized screens. <SCRIPT> <!– if ((screen.width>=1280) && (screen.height>=720)) { document.write(“<img src=\”images/pic.png\” />”); } else { document.write(“<img src=\”images/picsmall.png\”...

Mobile Multivariate Testing with SubID’s 0

Mobile Multivariate Testing with SubID’s

Due to slow page load speeds it is advised to keep tracking software to minimum when running mobile campaigns. This caused me a problem when trying to develop and optimise a mobile landing page. Because I wasn’t using prosper or any other tracking software I couldn’t plug in my custom multivariate testing scripts. I was direct linking straight to Neverblue’s platform which has multiple subid’s. I decided the best way...

Ideas for Banner Ad Split Tests 0

Ideas for Banner Ad Split Tests

Here are a few ideas for split testing your banner ads. You could quite easily use these to take a single ad and knock up a 100 variations. Test them optimise out the losers and see what works best. There is no single best banner advertisement, everything needs testing and optimising continuously.

Googler Helping Affiliates…. in 2012! 0

Googler Helping Affiliates…. in 2012!

Just when you think everyone working under advertising at Facebook and Google has been treated to a common sense bypass I get a lovely message like this. Hello James, Thank you for writing in. Hope you’re doing well! I’m Jaya, from the Google AdWords Support Team and I’ll be assisting you with your queries today. First of all, I am extremely sorry about the delay in getting back to you....

Social Network Demographics 0

Social Network Demographics

Heres a little sketch I put together of the stereotypical users of each of the major social networks. I used Alexa to put this together based on their audience profiling and I’ve linked to each at the bottom if you want some further reading. Alexa profiles: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest MySpace