Example Media Buy Proposal Letter

Dear Sirs,

My name is James Bachini, I am a media buyer for Media Cambridge Ltd and I would like to make you an advertising proposal regarding your website www.example.com

We can pay in advance and we can offer competitive CPM rates for your desktop and mobile placements.

We currently purchase the following placements on similar sites:
Banner placements
Pop unders

You can see examples of the ad formats at: http://mediacambridge.com/demo

We would suggest starting with the following as this can be run in combination with your current Adsense advertisements:

Ad type: Pop Under
Brand: Ladbrokes
Payment Type: CPM
Type of traffic: Desktop & Mobile
Initial Budget: £50 GBP / day
Rate: £3.29 per 1000 unique visistors

We can provide all the necessary code snippets to make the advertising work.

If you accept we will provide an initial pre-payment via paypal, payoneer or bank wire transfer. Please send us your preferred payment details.

Kind regards,

James Bachini

Media Buyer
Media Cambridge Ltd

+447833 239349
Skype: james.bachini

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