Exoclicks Big Data Migration

Exoclick has launched their new admin platform in beta.

Some improvements include:

  • Real time reporting, stats updated every minute rather than every quarter of an hour.
  • Day parting capabilities and day part reporting
  • Other new reporting features like carrier, browser, os, device

This gives some really good insights in to the campaigns and I’m sure that advertisers can use this data to improve conversion rates.

Day parting is the obvious targeting option to target traffic on the hours that your advertising is most effective. My initial research suggests that the there’s not as much of a difference in conversion rate as you’d expect though.

Category targeting is another area which can now be reported on and targeted effectively.

The following stats show some interesting information about the conversion rates of different browsers.

exoclick new stats big data platform

Opera mini conversion rate is horrible. So this either needs pausing or figuring out why it converts so badly.

More transparency and information leads to better advertising campaigns.

All in all a very impressive improvement to Exoclick’s advertising network.



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