Facebook changes ad text guidelines

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2 Responses

  1. Colin says:

    Thanks Jim, this was very helpful

  2. Jo says:

    Apparantely festival and concert posters will be exempt.
    How will the exclusions be flagged and identified by Facebook, I run a festival but there is no ‘festival’ category when you create your page.

    Theres Concert Venue or Concert Tour and nearly every festival have catagorised themselves as Concert Venue (including Glastonbury). We catagorised ourselves as ‘Arts and Entertainment’ because we aren’t a tour and we do not own or manage the venue. So if part of the AI vetting process is to identify the page type that isnt going to work.

    Whilst i was researching this i noticed that the ‘arts and entetainment’ catagory selected allows people to ‘check in’ with us and lots of people do which posts to their timeline. Any catagory in the Music field doesnt. So im loathed to change the catagory of my festival and lose that function


    This has a handy chart explaininng the functions of different catagories

    Can anyone advise?

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