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Here are some stats from Google Analytics for this blog:
web browser statsI thought it was interesting to see how far behind Internet Explorer has fallen for people who know how to use a computer. It was only 5 years ago when they an 85%ish share in the market. In 5 years time I would expect it to be more like 25-40% for mainstream sites.

Firefox is my browser of choice and here are some of the fantastic plugins I couldn’t live without:

  • Tree Style Tabs – Basically puts all your tabs down the right hand side so you can have 50 open and not get in a mucking fuddle. I couldn’t live without this now.
  • FireFTP – A simple, easy to use ftp client I’ve used for years.
  • Morning Coffee – A new addon for me, this is great for doing morning reports etc. It opens up a predefined list of sites in one go.
  • Firebug – Great for debugging and checking html, inspecting elements, trying to figure out how and why a web page works.
  • Modify Headers & User Agent Switcher – I use these mainly to pretend to be a mobile device. Pretty good for checking out mobile ads etc. with Overplay.

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