Las Vegas 2013, Affiliate Summit West, iDates etc.

Four shows and countless parties in 8 days. Here are some pics from Las Vegas this January:

Some takeaways I had from this trip:

  • Don’t ever book meetings before midday and preferably later still. Even if you can party till 4am and get up and sober for a meeting at 10am the chances are the person you are meeting wont.
  • Blackjack is fun but the real party is on the craps tables.
  • iDates is small, AVN is scary, ASW is huge and interNext is just odd.
  • Caesars is a great base for any trip to Las Vegas.
  • If you ever go make sure you check out the Freemont street experience in downtown. It’s an amazing place, has the best gambling and a better vibe than the strip at night.
  • Watch out for frozen fountains, it does freeze in Vegas apparently but not hard enough to walk on.
  • Living on Gin & Tonic is not good for you, eat well and drink lots of water. You’ll live longer, last longer and have more fun.
  • If you are thinking of doing a blog post, take some pictures of the shows damn it.
  • Taxis are cheap, don’t try and walk home in the wrong direction.
  • Make notes on business cards, especially on nights out so you remember who gave them to you the next morning.
  • Working in Vegas is hard, keeping up with stats, emails and optimising campaigns is nearly impossible, plan accordingly.
  • The helicopter tours from are well worth it if you get a chance to go see the Grand Canyon etc. Breaks up partying and meetings a bit.
  • Vegas is a fun city, pretty much unlike anywhere I’ve ever been in my life. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is electric and the whole city comes alive at night. By 2014 I should be recovered enough to give it another go.

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