Matomy Media Group

So you think you’ve made it in the performance marketing space?

Check out the figures in Matomy’s interim report for a humbling come back down to earth:

Overview of results ($ millions) H1 2014 GAAP H1 2013 GAAP Change GAAP
Revenue 107.6 97.3 11%
Gross profit 28.8 25.6 13%
Operating profit 6.5 4.6 42%
Pre-tax profit 13.9 4.1 235%
Net income 13.0 3.0 329%
Earnings per share 0.18 0.04 328%

$107m in revenue and $28m USD gross profit in six months. They also just floated on the London Stock Exchange (LSE.MTMY) and have a market capital in excess of two hundred million GBP. The IPO in July has enabled them to start strategically acquiring other companies the most recent of which was a  seventeen million purchase of MobFox.

Big business indeed, and an impressive display of what is possible in this industry.

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