Mobile eCPM’s still not competing with desktop

Here’s some stats I ran off today from a Google Adsense account I have for some old seo based domains with various sites and “general” mainstream traffic. It’s interesting to see that the eCPM’s for desktop traffic are still way above that of high end mobile devices:

Platform Page views Clicks Page CTR CPC Page RPM Estimated earnings
Desktop 217560 6117 2.81% £0.26 £7.38 £1,604.64
High-end mobile devices 110708 2048 1.85% £0.22 £4.14 £458.06
Tablets 57176 1676 2.93% £0.23 £6.81 £389.18

This is with Adwords compulsory/forced opt-in methods of promoting mobile advertising. Not only is the CTR higher for Desktop publishers but so is the CPC. The difference in cost per click suggests to me that advertisers are still monetising desktop traffic better than mobile. The difference in CTR suggests I should probably design a better mobile framework for the site 🙂

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