My Favourite Buttons For Banner Design

Below is a list of my favourite buttons I keep handy when designing banners. I’m a bit old school and still use Fireworks MX for design simply because I know where everything is on it and it does everything I want it to. After 6-7 years it would be really annoying to switch to Photoshop. Kind of like that time I tried to “upgrade” my XP operating system to Vista.

As with anything it’s critical to test all elements of a landing page or banner but the bits and pieces above should give a rough starting point to design something that works for your campaigns.

I like to keep an eye on what the big players in the market are doing. Companies like Groupon and Living Social and also some of the better email-submit landing pages have so much traffic they can test and optimise their landing pages really well. Have a look at what they are doing and you can’t go too far wrong.

There isn’t anything quite like a BFB to boost click through rate… Well maybe on Social there are two other things

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