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Mobile traffic doesn’t work for a number of campaigns we run on Plenty of Fish. In the past we have tried to target only desktop users by using the Browser type targeting option and selecting only:- 


Internet Explorer

plenty of fish mobile

This was pretty effective at removing the hoards of mobile traffic however we were missing out on volume for desktop users with Safari or Opera browsers. From one of our website stats (nearly 100,000 unique visitors in the last month) we can see these two browsers equate to about 17% of UK traffic. Full breakdown below:-

1.     Internet Explorer                          49,017     49.63%
2.     Firefox                                        19,326     19.57%
3.     Safari                                          16,060     16.26%
4.     Chrome                                      12,006     12.16%
5.     Opera                                          706     0.71%
6.     Mozilla Compatible Agent             658     0.67%
7.     Opera Mini                                   290     0.29%
8.     BlackBerry9700                          101     0.10%
9.     IE with Chrome Frame                   84     0.09%
10.    BlackBerry8520                           82     0.08%

Desktop/Laptop Mac users equates to just over 12% of total traffic on this site. iPhone and iPad about 5% and Android just over 1.5%. Disappointingly Linux users comes in at 0.6% but that is a whole different discussion.

Ben from Plenty of Fish announced today that we can now exclude or include mobile browsers. See the targeting setup below for how this will work.

plenty of fish browser targetingWe haven’t got enough data back to test this but in theory we should be looking at an increase of at least 12% in volume and profits just from this simple update.  Possibly more as I am sure we are not the only advertiser using the previously stated method.

Another thing to consider is that you could now solely target mobile users. If anyone has developed an app for Android or the iPhone which is based around the dating niche this is going to be very lucrative indeed.

A big thank you to the team and Plenty of Fish for implementing this change. The original blog post is here

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