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I came across this summary from an old manual I wrote some time ago. Alot of it is still relevant today, I’ll get round to updating it at some point:

Traffic Sources Summary


  • Little to no cost – Free Trafic
  • Long term can take six months to rank
  • Requires large volumes of content
  • Massive potential
  • Becoming harder to manipulate
  • Backlinks are becoming less effective
  • Social signals are becoming more effective
  • Niche sites and large content sites.
  • Google algorithm looks at:
    • On site seo / meta tags
    • Latent semantic indexing
    • CTR in SERP’s
    • Bounce rate
    • Domain age
    • Backlinks
    • Social signals

Adwords – Search Network

  • Paid search from 0.02p / click
  • Text ads – No images
  • Can’t direct link
  • Landing page needs content & good outgoing links
  • Highly Competitive for popular terms
  • Massive potential

Adwords – Content Network

  • Paid search from 0.02p /click?
  • Text and Display ads – text & images on Adsense sites
  • Lots of fraudulent clicks
  • Keywords matched with content on site
  • Always separate from search campaigns

Yahoo / MSN Search

  • Less competition than Adwords
  • Far less volume
  • A lot of Yahoo searches by 3rd party sites > Fraud/Crap > Block the crap


  • Massive volume and international traffic
  • Domestic traffic expensive starts at 36p click
  • High CTR can bring this down to…
  • Very dependent on CTR for successful advertising
  • Cleavage and weird images for the win
  • Can direct link
  • Ad size 110x80px
  • Very good targeting by:
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Location to city level
    • Interests – Category or Specific (topics liked/groups etc.)
    • Single, interested in
    • Education level (untested)

Plenty of Fish

  • Extremely good targeting, religion, postcode, hair colour, smokers etc.
  • Can target or ignore mobile users
  • Low volume, images need replacing quickly to avoid banner blindness
  • Standard size 110x80px       Larger IAB sizes for the win 300×250 etc.
  • Can direct link


  • Best PPV network
  • Bids from $0.011 per pop up
  • Can direct link to offer / load cookie
  • 775 x 400px viewable window
  • Massive arbitrage potential

Lead impact

  • More expensive than TV min bid $0.028


  • More expensive than TV min bid $0.02
  • Low volume


  • Cheap from $0.005
  • Low volume in UK

Other Sources: Media Buys, Big Display Networks (Adsonar, Blade360 etc.), MySpace, E-mail

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