Splitting traffic to different offers on mobile

If you are buying bulk traffic to a mobile offer the chances are that you can split some of your traffic off to different offers. For example if  you have a pin submit that only accepts android but has a much higher payout then you can separate your android traffic and increase your bottom line.

There are a few ways to do this using popular tracking software but I prefer to hard code it into the lander.

Here is a javascript example:

var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
if (ua.indexOf(“android”) > -1) { outfile += ‘secondoffer.php’; }

The first line is taking the user agent of the device, turning it into lower case and storing it in a variable called ua. The second line is searching the ua variable for the word android and if it is there then we can redirect to another offer.

You can google different user agent strings for different devices and separate pretty much everything. If you have an offer that only accepts a certain carrier (i.e. devices on Orange or Verizon) you will need 3rd party software to provide that data. Some tracking systems have this built in or maxmind’s is reasonably good in my experience. The same is true if your offer only accepts certain regions.

By buying cheap bulk traffic and redirecting it accordingly to the best offers you can add a lot of value as an affiliate. Any left over traffic can be sent across to redirect companies such as redirect.com, ytz.com etc



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