The 4 hour work week – March’s Book of the Month

The 4 hour work week – Timothy Ferris

This was a tough one to include or not. I really can’t stand the guy or his writing style but a lot of what he says is good advice. I’ve read this and the 4 hour body and am taking a break before reading the 4 hour chef. I think if you read one of his books a year, that’s plenty 🙂

This book is about running a modern company and living a modern lifestyle. I think he used to run a meds company online and outsourced a lot of it hence the four hours a week title. Affiliate marketers tend to have this grind or die attitude but for me the best thing about affiliate marketing is the lifestyle it affords you. You are not attached to any location or any set working hours. This gave me the freedom to travel around the world last year while continuing to run a large company. I think in this business there is a time when you should be grinding out long hours and a time when you should sit back and reap the rewards of what you sow. “Affiliate marketing – The art of working 16 hour days so you can make money in your sleep”

The 4 hour work week – Timothy Ferris

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