Tracking CPS Networks With Prosper202 and CPV Lab

In the UK alot of affiliate marketing is done through cost per sale networks. The big ones being Tradedoubler and Affiliate Window.

Here is how to integrate their backend systems with a performance based tracking system such as prosper202.

add &epi=[[subid]]

Affiliate Window
add &clickref=[[subid]]

Affiliate Future
add &tracking=[[subid]]

Commission Junction
add &sid=[[subid]] may need to be ?sid=[[subid]] if no other dynamic vars are in url

Google Affiliate Network
add &mid=[[subid]]

add &afftrack=[[subid]]

add &tid=[[subid]]
nb. may be ?tid=[[subid]] same as cj

add &u1=[[subid]]

So an Affiliate Window tracking link would end up looking like:[[subid]]

Paste this into your tracking software.

The chances are you wont be able to place a pixel so you will have to manually download a conversion report and upload the subids the old school way. Fun, fun, fun…

If you can place a pixel get them to append the amount= variable so you can track sales when basket value varies.

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