Website Monetization With Cryptocurrency Mining

I haven’t been as active on the blog recently and that is because I’ve been working on probably the most exciting project I’ve ever been involved with.

For anyone that isn’t familiar with web based cryptocurrency mining I will give you a quick run down of the technology and the potential. A webmaster places a javascript code similar to an ad network snippet on their website and it carries out a mining process (mathematical calculation) which helps secure the public ledger of transactions also known as a blockchain. Webmasters are then rewarded with the distribution of cryptocurrency tokens.

The company I have helped build is JSEcoin and we are launching an ICO next year. The platform has been live since August and we have some great stats so far:

  • 30,000+ registered users
  • 7,000+ publisher websites
  • 5,000,000+ mining impressions per day

The software runs as an opt-out system just like an ad network. A privacy notice is displayed to users at the bottom of the screen a bit like a cookie notice with a link to network wide opt-out. We have never participated and never will participate in hidden background mining. The script load after the page has finished loading and uses excess CPU resources within the browser. This means that both page load speeds and user experience is unaffected.

This offers a real alternative for websites where traditional banner advertising would not be an appropriate form of monetization. It also offers webmasters who wish to combine cryptocurrency mining with banner advertising systems and affiliate offers an additional method of monetization.

We also have an an affiliate program…

The best way to learn more about the platform is to setup an account at:

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