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Beautiful Email Template [Download]

I loved this email layout so I created my own version which you can download from here: View the html page: Update all the images and links before you send out. The background skyline is in the zip file, you could modify to suit your niche just keep the color the same.

11 Proven Headline Formulas For Affiliate Marketing 0

11 Proven Headline Formulas For Affiliate Marketing

Here is a list of headlines, most you’ll probably recognise. They are all over the web because they work. Use the formulas and adapt it to your product/service. ONE SIMPLE TRICK TO A …[BENEFIT] EXPERTS HATE HIM FOR …[BENEFIT] WARNING: [BENEFIT] 1268 LONDONERS [BENEFIT] IS [PRODUCT] A SCAM? CAN [PRODUCT] HELP YOU [BENEFIT]? HOW TO [BENEFIT] BEST [PRODUCT] TO [BENEFIT] 2015 [BENEFIT] GUIDE FOUR SIMPLE STEPS TO [BENEFIT] THE TRUTH...

Golden Gems in Copywriting 0

Golden Gems in Copywriting

Copywriting is an essential skill in affiliate marketing. Being able to persuade a user to complete an action comes down to communication and a lot of the communication on a website or landing page is written text. When I write copy I follow a build > breakdown > rebuild workflow. What this means is I’ll write a straight forward piece of persuasive text and then analyse it to pull out...

A lesson in writing headlines 0

A lesson in writing headlines This site is an epic resource of great copy for headlines. Here are some examples and the techniques they employ: This $145,000,000 Spiritual Headquarters Is Just Ridiculous. I’m Sure You Know Who Built It. Questioning the reader to draw intrigue The ‘Before’ Photo Made Me Sick. Yet The ‘After’ Photo Is So Great That I Actually Laughed. The promise of an emotional rollercoaster A Soldier Found This Box Left...

Ideas for improving landing pages 0

Ideas for improving landing pages

The following is a list of proven methods that can improve the ctr and cvr of a landing page. Big Bright Buttons – Have you split tested different buttons, button text etc? Copy and Text – Persuasive text is key and an art form in itself. Images – Every image on that landing page should be there for a reason, a padlock suggests safety and confidence, a arrow draws attention...

Online Banner Design Tool 0

Online Banner Design Tool

Need to design/modify banners but don’t have Photoshop installed? Try this online image editor: A great little tool for the affiliate that only does image editing once in a blue moon, you lucky souls. Pixlr – The online alternative to photoshop

My Favourite Buttons For Banner Design 0

My Favourite Buttons For Banner Design

Below is a list of my favourite buttons I keep handy when designing banners. I’m a bit old school and still use Fireworks MX for design simply because I know where everything is on it and it does everything I want it to. After 6-7 years it would be really annoying to switch to Photoshop. Kind of like that time I tried to “upgrade” my XP operating system to Vista....

Facebook Share button more effective than Likes? 0

Facebook Share button more effective than Likes?

A recent post at SEOMoz suggested that their research has found a better correlation between facebook shares than Facebook likes. The full post is here and makes for an interesting read. One of the things that really caught my attention was in the comments and I quote: “After chatting with our Google rep it seems that FB shares have much more SEO weighting than FB Likes and similar. This is...