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  • Capitalisation of Links (www.MySite.com) CRO Test

    Capitalisation of Links (www.MySite.com) CRO Test

    I thought an interesting split test would be to test if text links on a landing page that are capitalised get more clicks than ones that don’t. For example: https://www.jamesbachini.com/ – standard (control) https://www.JamesBachini.com/ – Capitalised This was for a site that wasn’t a personal name and contained a full directory and page like http://www.MyGreatWebSite.com/example/page.htm […]

  • A simple floating feedback/support button

    A simple floating feedback/support button

    Updated for 2020 with a cleaner design. This uses the mail command in PHP to send the email but if this is disabled on your server you can connect it to Sendgrid/Mailchimp/AWS etc for the sending of email queries. There is a working example at: https://jamesbachini.com/misc/feedbackexample.html The code for this is really easy to implement […]

  • Resize youtube/vimeo iframe to maximum available height and width

    Resize youtube/vimeo iframe to maximum available height and width

    Here is the code to make a flexible youtube.com or vimeo.com video fit both the height and width of the containing div. Like a flexible adsense unit it will take up the maximum available space on the page or be constrained within a containing object such as a div. CSS: .vcontainer { position:relative; padding-bottom:56.25%; padding-top:30px; […]

  • Building Basic Websites

    Building Basic Websites

    Every now and again you just need a basic site setup to have an internet presence. Normally this occurs for me when a friend or family member tells people I “do websites” and I get roped in to helping them out. So what options are there for a basic, modern website template. The obvious answer […]

  • Checking landing page load times

    Checking landing page load times

    Landing page load times can make a big difference to the conversion rate of an affiliate campaign. Here’s a great free site for checking load times and getting suggestions on how to improve the page load speed. http://gtmetrix.com As you can see I could do with tweeking wordpress to display the images a bit better […]

  • Designing Banners in Place

    Designing Banners in Place

    Something I don’t hear a lot of affiliates talk about is taking the placement in to consideration when designing banners. Sometimes if you are targeting multiple sites/positions this isn’t possible but for traffic sources like Facebook this is something every affiliate should consider. Simply take a screenshot of the page where you intend to advertise […]

  • Google Friendly Mobile Pages Test

    Google have provided a tool which checks to see if a site renders clearly in a mobile browser. The tool looks like it is setup at 320px and if your site works at this you’ll get a “mobile-friendly” tag in your organic search listings. Here’s the link to check your sites: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ Some other good […]

  • How Groupon’s landing page has evolved in two years

    In 2012 Groupon was at the cutting edge of performance marketing. They had big budgets and were doing big business with affiliates. I thought it would be interesting to analyse a landing page from back then and then one they use today. The lander actually reminds me a bit of some of the dating landing […]

  • Mobile eCPM’s still not competing with desktop

    Here’s some stats I ran off today from a Google Adsense account I have for some old seo based domains with various sites and “general” mainstream traffic. It’s interesting to see that the eCPM’s for desktop traffic are still way above that of high end mobile devices: Platform Page views Clicks Page CTR CPC Page […]

  • Upgrading to WordPress 4.0 a breeze

    I always get the fear when doing major upgrades on any platform. Something is bound to be non-compatible and get messed up. In this instance upgrading to WordPress 4.0 took about 5 minutes, didn’t mess up the themes and everything is still where it should be… right? WordPress is, in my opinion, the best platform […]