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How To Calculate EV (Expected Value) By Analysing Risk & Reward 1

How To Calculate EV (Expected Value) By Analysing Risk & Reward

Expected value or EV is a term used in finance and gambling to define the estimated return of a given situation based on enough iterations. James On YouTube For example if you bet $1 on a coin toss your EV would be 0 because you would win/lose 50% of the time and your loss would be $1 and your win potential would be $1 ($2 including your original stake). So...

micro conversion example

Micro Conversions | Complete Guide To Optimising & Scaling With Micro Conversions

What are micro conversions? Micro conversions are minor events such as clicks and scrolls that we can use to track visitor behaviour and optimise advertising and landing pages faster. They are generally not directly linked to key performance indicators for an advertising campaign but can be used to scale (increase traffic volumes) more effectively. James On YouTube Scale Campaigns Profitably Micro conversions are most valuable when you are scaling a...

8 Tips For The Perfect Blog Post 4

8 Tips For The Perfect Blog Post

This is the revised 2020 complete guide to the best practices when creating content for your blog. You can use this framework to create a “perfect blog post” and move your site up the search engine rankings. James On YouTube The Title The title or headline of a blog post should be a close match to a search query but also just clickbaity enough to get a higher click through...

Search For Satoshi 6

Search For Satoshi

In 2008 an anonymous user with the alias Satoshi Nakamoto posted the original Bitcoin whitepaper to the Cryptography mailing list. Satoshi mined a lot of the early Bitcoin blocks and the rewards that are held in bitcoin wallets associated are estimated to be around 1 million BTC or 10 Billion USD. If Bitcoin eventually reaches $120k, Satoshi will become the richest man in the world. These wallet addresses and no...

Setting up HTTPS (SSL) with Cloudflare and Wordpress 8

Setting up HTTPS (SSL) with Cloudflare and WordPress

I’ve been working with blockchain and cryptography for 3 years now which is probably a good time to update the old wordpress blog to SSL before anyone notices. Turns out I don’t need to purchase or manage an SSL certificate, which is a shame because I loved breaking things with that certbot thing on linux. If you are just running a wordpress blog or simple website like this one you...

Cryptocurrency During The Next Recession 14

Cryptocurrency During The Next Recession

I learnt the hard (and expensive way) not to try and predict stock market timings so I wont guess when the next recession will occur. Like a knock on the door from someone wanting to talk about Jehovah, you know it’s going to happen but it’s normally at the most inopportune time when you don’t expect it. In this article we are going to look at how a general recession...

Publisher Side Ad Platform Statistics 18

Publisher Side Ad Platform Statistics

This really shows the dominance of Google for display advertising, especially for smaller sites with their Adsense platform. I’ve thought for a while that Facebook should be able to enter this market and using their vast amount of user data increase CPM’s for small publishers. As of yet this hasn’t been widely adopted and Adsense still dominates. Google also own Doubleclick which is used more widely by larger advertisers.

instagram cta buttons

Instagram Ads CTA Buttons

First time I’ve seen call to action buttons being displayed on Instagram ads. This could be a game changer for anyone building an InstaAudience.

2017 What Works In Digital Marketing Video 20

2017 What Works In Digital Marketing Video

This is a really nice round up from Brent Dunn and Ryan Gray of what worked in 2016 and what affiliates and digital marketers can/should be doing in 2017. Talks a lot about local marketing and moving in to areas which aren’t as competitive.

Online Marketing Predictions For 2017 21

Online Marketing Predictions For 2017

Here are my predictions for 2017 1. Native will go mainstream and start attracting big brand spenders Native advertising has been affiliate marketers little secret for a couple of years now. The volume is now at a stage where brand advertisers and big spenders are starting to come in and push inventory prices up. Quality issues are still there with a lot of native advertising being placed on sites which...