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Welcome to the new blog. I have updated the design with a new theme and some pretty pictures. I changed the domain name too as I wasn’t doing anything with the last one and wanted to keep a personal blog anyway so this will suit me more. I still plan to talk, rant and go off the rails about online marketing mainly but this also gives me a bit more...


Microsoft to buy Linkedin

News this morning is that Microsoft is going to buy Linkedin for $26 Billion USD. Now I’m not saying we are in a new .com tech bubble but… Linkedin has 433 million users. That would give a cost per user of $60usd. Now my first thought is that if Microsoft spent that money on advertising a $60 cpa is about $58 more than it would cost to get users to...

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Stack That Money Meetup STM London 2015

Stack that money has been a great meetup. I was surprised at the turnout which topped over 700 members. The talks were good, particularly some of the ones on the second day. Highlights included: Tim Tetra’s tricky little presentation where he sold a magic bullet to a crowd that should know better. Lars Kroijer one of the few city bankers who I’ve heard and not wanted to run away from....

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Pics From Affiliate Summit West 2015

Some snapshots from ASW15 Meet market, people doing the rounds. The Charles Ngo Seminar Benjamin Yong doing his thing While I’m all for using public transport I’m pretty sure this isn’t how Ryan Eagle does it. Arriving into the strip on the Deuce with a blazer attached to a backpack. You walk a lot in Vegas without realizing it. Which is just as well because this was like a fried...

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Boost Software (PC Cleaner) Shutdown

The FTC has taken another swipe at the darker side of the affiliate industry by closing down Boost Software. Assets frozen and business practices suspended! There CPI offers were pretty big but the business model was scammy at best. The FTC paid particular attention to the telemarketing “scare tactics” used on the backend of the offer. Hopefully noone got too burnt by this… Be careful what you promote!

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Matomy Media Group

So you think you’ve made it in the performance marketing space? Check out the figures in Matomy’s interim report for a humbling come back down to earth: Overview of results ($ millions) H1 2014 GAAP H1 2013 GAAP Change GAAP Revenue 107.6 97.3 11% Gross profit 28.8 25.6 13% Operating profit 6.5 4.6 42% Pre-tax profit 13.9 4.1 235% Net income 13.0 3.0 329% Earnings per share 0.18 0.04...

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Affiliate Summit West 2015

I missed it last year so am really looking forward to getting back to Vegas for some blackjack, craps and roulette. No meetings before midday this time, live and learn! I first went to affiliate summit in 2012 and in my opinion it’s the best show of the year. TheĀ  location, the parties, the sheer volume of people that attend. It’s not one to be missed! Hope to see everyone,...

Big Brands Screwed By Facebook Because Of ViralNova 0

Big Brands Screwed By Facebook Because Of ViralNova

We were sold on spending huge budgets to gain Facebook page likes with the promise of being able to publish content to those fans for free. Facebook has now done a U-turn and is saying that in future only 1-2% of your Facebook fans will see organic content and that you will need to pay again to get your content in front of those fans on each post. Why? Basically...