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Epic Advertising Legal Action 0

Epic Advertising Legal Action

Legal letter we had come through against Epic Advertising Limited. Anyone else had one of these? Looks like they went bust owing about 3.2 million and someones not happy about it.

Facebook Social Graph, Start of the end for online dating? 0

Facebook Social Graph, Start of the end for online dating?

Today Facebook launched the social graph in the UK. You can see from the below screenshot how this can be used to search for friends and friends of friends who are single. Could this be the start of Facebook entering or getting more involved in the online dating world? With the introduction of #hashtags it was clear Facebook was treading on Twitters toes. Now social graph is a clear attack...

Neverblue Out of Bounds Thailand 2013 0

Neverblue Out of Bounds Thailand 2013

Thank you Neverblue for a great trip to Phuket Thailand, was good to see everyone in the Neverblue team and meet some new faces. Just when you think the out of bounds trips can’t get any better… The Westin Siray Hotel where we stayed Everything required for an OOB trip was supplied Boat trip to Ko Phi Phi Sunset over Siray bay Particular thanks to Amanda who couldn’t be there,...

EWA Gone Under 0

EWA Gone Under

It’s not nice to see any company fail (especially when they owe so much to so many) but never in this industry have I seen it happen to a more deserving character. Goodbye Ryan Eagle and the joke/scam that was EWA.

Barcelona European Summit 2013 0

Barcelona European Summit 2013

Will be attending between the 1st and 4th March, staying in Sitges just outside of Barcelona where the show is. If you are going, see you there!! Spanish 101 Hello                    Hola Goodbye                 Adiós or Hasta luego Have a nice day             ¡Que pase un buen día! Good morning             Buenos días Good afternoon/evening         Buenas tardes...

Las Vegas 2013, Affiliate Summit West, iDates etc. 0

Las Vegas 2013, Affiliate Summit West, iDates etc.

Four shows and countless parties in 8 days. Here are some pics from Las Vegas this January: Some takeaways I had from this trip: Don’t ever book meetings before midday and preferably later still. Even if you can party till 4am and get up and sober for a meeting at 10am the chances are the person you are meeting wont. Blackjack is fun but the real party is on the...

Out of Bounds Thailand March 2013 0

Out of Bounds Thailand March 2013

Just had the email come through confirming a place! Looking forward to seeing everyone for Out of Bounds Thailand. The official dates are 13th – 18th March but I am thinking of going out on the 9th and staying till the 24th. Let me know if anyone else has plans outside of the OOB dates.

Maxbounty setting an example 0

Maxbounty setting an example

Credit where credit is due this is awsome from Maxbounty: Hello James, For the past 8 years, MaxBounty has made it a tradition to give back to our community during the holiday season. This year is no different, and once again we are inviting you to help us out. On Saturday, December 22nd, 2012, we will donate all of our net revenue for that day to charitable organizations. The primary...

Vegas Shows January 2013 0

Vegas Shows January 2013

Have I missed anything? Anyone going anywhere else around this time? Any advise for surviving a couple of weeks in Vegas? The xBiz awards on Jan 11th are in LA I think so might miss them. Aff Summit West is booked, we are staying at Ceasers Palace between Saturday 12th and Sunday 20th. I hope everyone has learnt their basic strategy for the blackjack tables: Update: There’s the Online Dating...