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Is Facebook Going Live with Mobile Traffic? 0

Is Facebook Going Live with Mobile Traffic?

Is Facebook getting ready to go live with mobile traffic? There are options for mobile operating systems and devices in broad categories now. I still haven’t seen any ads other than sponsered stories on yet… This screenshot is from the power editor in Chrome, highly recommended if you are uploading lots of similar ads.

Neverblue Out of Bounds Whistler 2012 0

Neverblue Out of Bounds Whistler 2012

Some photos from the Whistler trip with Neverblue. Top of Whistler Mountain Neverblue Party Crew Ice bar View from ATV ride Victoria home of the Neverblue offices It was a great opportunity to spend time with the Neverblue team, other affiliates and spammers alike. Alot of fun, left handed drinking, good food and all the other delights BC had to offer! The next Out of Bounds trip is in Thailand...

Anyone planning on running $15,000,0000 to Clickbooth this Summer? 0

Anyone planning on running $15,000,0000 to Clickbooth this Summer?

I know there are other prizes further down the list but really… That works out at $166,666.66 USD a day in revenue. If Mark Zuckerberg is reading stick some 300×250’s on your site and you could keep the new shareholders happy and get yourself an island. For everyone else if you can get their offers to compete enough to run $100,000.00 you still get the watch – Yey! What a...

Cupid PLC Kildermorie Lodge Scotland 0

Cupid PLC Kildermorie Lodge Scotland

Thank you so much to all the team at Cupid PLC for organising an amazing trip to Kildermorie Lodge, near Inverness, Scotland. I’ve never been so surrounded by forward thinking people and whiskey. Here’s some photos from the trip: Fishing, shooting, Glenmorangie tour, great food and possibly the darkest game of charades ever played! Thanks again. спасибі If you are running BeNaughty, Cupid, GirlsdateforFree, Flirt or any other dating offers...

Internet World London 2012 0

Internet World London 2012

Earls Court, London was home to Internet World 2012 and on a wet Wednesday morning in April I jumped on a train to check it out. It was my first visit to this show and I came away with mixed feelings. I was hoping it was going to be like ad-tech but there was only one company exhibiting that was selling traffic, I think they deserve a mention for that...

The Neverblue Velo Bankruptcy Saga 0

The Neverblue Velo Bankruptcy Saga

On April 3rd Velo Holdings the parent company of Vertrue which in turn is the parent company of Neverblue (have I got that right?) filed for bankruptcy. Performer insider released an “affiliate marketing is dead” post and I’m sure alot of affiliates, myself included, panicked. A generic email followed which stated “we intend to make all affiliate payments on schedule, in a timely and reliable manner” which shows good intentions... Acquired 0 Acquired

With more than just a slight nod of the head to my favourite online marketing blog I have moved the blog away from the business website to OK 3rd best might be a little bit of an exageration but if I can get the content flowing and get some interest I think it might get there. Hell if [email protected] doesn’t start updating his site some time soon we...