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How To Optimise Online Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

This is going to be another long post about a seemingly boring topic of optimisation. If you ask a hundred affiliates how they optimise a campaign 90% of them will tell you they just get a feel for it. Very few affiliates actually have a set process or mathematical formula they use when optimising. Whether that be creatives such as banners or site ids or mobile devices. I would say...

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Daily Calcs Profit And Loss Spreadsheet Download For Affiliate Marketers

Here is the spreadsheet I use to monitor my profit and loss accounts on a daily basis. It’s provided here as a downloadable spreadsheet but I would recommend setting it up how you want and then uploading to Google Docs so it can be worked on from anywhere by anyone. This document works by inputting your daily revenues and your traffic source costs in the various currencies and it will...

Why postback pixels aren’t good enough 0

Why postback pixels aren’t good enough

What is it with the increase in use with global postbacks? This is where you send the network an id and they send it back to you if it converts. It seems that some affiliates are actually using this type of tracking and optimising on a single tracking system. For the love of god can people stop using postback conversion tracking. It’s terrible, ineffective and most of all limiting in...

Passing Through Landing Page Variables 0

Passing Through Landing Page Variables

This was inspired by another post which is well worth a read at: So many traffic sources provide you with tags such as {keyword} {countrycode} {device} etc. You can add these variables to your url so it would look something like:{keyword}&device={device} Then in the code to your landing page you can access these variables. I’ll put examples in PHP and Javascript but any web based language should provide...

Scalling Prosper202 0

Scalling Prosper202

An excellent article from prosper202 on how to scale out to multiple servers efficiently:

Installing Prosper202 for Affiliate Marketing 0

Installing Prosper202 for Affiliate Marketing

Things you’ll need to get setup with Prosper202 and affiliate marketing: > A webhost or VPS or Dedicated server (web host is cheapest, Dedi’s are most expensive, VPS is a good compromise) > A domain name, just use a .com in case you want to run international in the future. Godaddy are pretty good. > An ftp client. I use fireftp, a firefox addon. Just type ftp into the addons...

346 million clicks handled by Prosper202 0

346 million clicks handled by Prosper202

Credit where credit is due, for free open source software, Prosper202 is great. I’ve had a few issues along the way but this software can be scalled to huge volumes relatively easily. If you aren’t using it to track your campaigns get it setup today: Some tips on running prosper at volume: 1) Check your maximum connection limits in MySql and Apache 2) Clean your database once it gets past...

Direct Linking and Retargeting 0

Direct Linking and Retargeting

Here is how to do it, you’ll still need a server and a domain. Point all your traffic towards a php file i.e. Then place all your retargeting pixels in to the trackandforward.php file and put a meta refresh at the the end. The page will load the retargeting cookies will be placed and then the user will be sent on his way to the affiliate offer without even...

Firing a S2S tracking url from an image conversion pixel 0

Firing a S2S tracking url from an image conversion pixel

Use this on your landing page: setcookie(“cid”, $_GET[‘accid’], time()+7*24*60*60, ‘/’, ‘’); This sets up a cookie so you can track a click id in You could also set this up track any other data you want, subid, affiliate id etc. Then setup your conversion image pixel as <img src=”” height=”1px” width=”1px” /> This code goes in conversion.php if (isset($_COOKIE[‘accid’])) { $url = ‘’.$_COOKIE[‘accid’]; $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_URL,...


Stupidly Simple AB or Multivariate Testing

Here’s a simple way you can setup a simple multivariate or A/B split test without any software just using the subid variables provided by an affiliate network and some really basic php. <?php $out = ‘’; if (rand(0,1) == 0) { $out.=’g1′; $girlimg = ‘1.png’; } else { $out.=’g2′; $girlimg = ‘2.png’; } // this randomly chooses an image and adds either g1 or g2 to the outlink. if (rand(0,1)...