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Example Media Buy Proposal Letter

Dear Sirs, My name is James Bachini, I am a media buyer for Media Cambridge Ltd and I would like to make you an advertising proposal regarding your website We can pay in advance and we can offer competitive CPM rates for your desktop and mobile placements. We currently purchase the following placements on similar sites: Banner placements Pop unders Interstitials You can see examples of the ad formats...


Publisher Side Ad Platform Statistics

This really shows the dominance of Google for display advertising, especially for smaller sites with their Adsense platform. I’ve thought for a while that Facebook should be able to enter this market and using their vast amount of user data increase CPM’s for small publishers. As of yet this hasn’t been widely adopted and Adsense still dominates. Google also own Doubleclick which is used more widely by larger advertisers.


Block bots and crawlers with .htaccess and robots.txt

If you want to block search engine and crawler bots from visiting your pages you can do so by uploading the following files to the / directory on your site. Double check you aren’t rewriting over any .htaccess file before you do it. (.htaccess link doesn’t work because it’s a no read file. So I have uploaded them as a zip) Download both files in a zip These...

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Node.js client for Moz API (MozScape)

I was doing some work with SEO domains and realised there wasn’t a node.js client for the MozScape API… so after Googling and not finding what I was looking for I built one. What this basically does is provide SEO metrics on the URL you provide. Here’s the download link: Full code below: var request = require(“request”); var crypto = require(‘crypto’); // Get credentials from mozAccessID = “mozscape-xxxxxxxxxx”;...


New Page Level Ads – Adsense

These new ads are now available in the Adsense platform: They can be added to your adsense site and will only pop on mobile when Google thinks it’s a good time to launch an overlay. I’m not sure how they calculate this but it is described as displaying at “optimal times”. Most importantly you can add these without them counting towards your three ads per page limit. “Designed by Google...


Setting Up Facebook & Google Adwords Conversion & Retargeting Pixels

Conversion tracking is important because it will show you how much each lead or purchase is costing you in advertising costs. For most marketers this is their key performance indicator as it has a direct influence on their profits. Retargeting (or remarketing) tracking is important because by building an audience we can launch cost-effective marketing campaigns targeting people who are already somewhat aware of our brand/content/offer. Conversion and retargeting tracking...


Facebook changes ad text guidelines

Facebook has changed it’s policy on disallowing ads with more than 20% text. There are now 4 bands in which your ad will be placed. OK, Low Text, Medium Text, High Text. The higher band your ad comes in the lower your quality score and less traffic you will get or higher you will have to bid. We’ve found a few things out from our initial tests with the new...


No More Forced Tablet Traffic On Adwords

At last Google has put an end to the way it was allowing bid adjustments for mobile and desktop but not tablets. For years this has meant that Adwords advertisers were forced into getting unwanted tablet traffic and paying the same rate for it as desktop. Here is the blog announcement from Google: If you are running Adwords campaigns get in there quick and set the tablet bid adjustment...


Splitting traffic to different offers on mobile

If you are buying bulk traffic to a mobile offer the chances are that you can split some of your traffic off to different offers. For example if  you have a pin submit that only accepts android but has a much higher payout then you can separate your android traffic and increase your bottom line. There are a few ways to do this using popular tracking software but I prefer...