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Online Marketing Skillset

What is Online Marketing? | A Definitive Guide

Introduction In this document I explain how online marketing works, provide online marketing tips and show how online marketers make money. There is a deep dive into building web properties, which traffic sources are being used and how to scale and compete in the online marketing space. Introduction Building a Website Tracking & Analytics Traffic Sources Design Monetisation Scaling Up Challenges Corporate Online Marketing Independent Online Marketing Competing at the...

micro conversion example

Micro Conversions | Complete Guide To Optimising & Scaling With Micro Conversions

What are micro conversions? Micro conversions are minor events such as clicks and scrolls that we can use to track visitor behaviour and optimise advertising and landing pages faster. They are generally not directly linked to key performance indicators for an advertising campaign but can be used to scale (increase traffic volumes) more effectively. James On YouTube Scale Campaigns Profitably Micro conversions are most valuable when you are scaling a...

8 Tips For The Perfect Blog Post 7

8 Tips For The Perfect Blog Post

This is the revised 2020 complete guide to the best practices when creating content for your blog. You can use this framework to create a “perfect blog post” and move your site up the search engine rankings. James On YouTube The Title The title or headline of a blog post should be a close match to a search query but also just clickbaity enough to get a higher click through...

Example Media Buy Proposal Letter 10

Example Media Buy Proposal Letter

Dear Sirs, My name is James Bachini, I am a media buyer for Media Cambridge Ltd and I would like to make you an advertising proposal regarding your website We can pay in advance and we can offer competitive CPM rates for your desktop and mobile placements. We currently purchase the following placements on similar sites: Banner placements Pop unders Interstitials You can see examples of the ad formats...

Publisher Side Ad Platform Statistics 11

Publisher Side Ad Platform Statistics

This really shows the dominance of Google for display advertising, especially for smaller sites with their Adsense platform. I’ve thought for a while that Facebook should be able to enter this market and using their vast amount of user data increase CPM’s for small publishers. As of yet this hasn’t been widely adopted and Adsense still dominates. Google also own Doubleclick which is used more widely by larger advertisers.

Block bots and crawlers with .htaccess and robots.txt 13

Block bots and crawlers with .htaccess and robots.txt

If you want to block search engine and crawler bots from visiting your pages you can do so by uploading the following files to the / directory on your site. Double check you aren’t rewriting over any .htaccess file before you do it. (.htaccess link doesn’t work because it’s a no read file. So I have uploaded them as a zip) Download both files in a zip These...

node moz api

Node.js client for Moz API (MozScape)

I was doing some work with SEO domains and realised there wasn’t a node.js client for the MozScape API… so after Googling and not finding what I was looking for I built one. What this basically does is provide SEO metrics on the URL you provide. Here’s the download link: Full code below: var request = require(“request”); var crypto = require(‘crypto’); // Get credentials from mozAccessID = “mozscape-xxxxxxxxxx”;...

New Page Level Ads - Adsense 15

New Page Level Ads – Adsense

These new ads are now available in the Adsense platform: They can be added to your adsense site and will only pop on mobile when Google thinks it’s a good time to launch an overlay. I’m not sure how they calculate this but it is described as displaying at “optimal times”. Most importantly you can add these without them counting towards your three ads per page limit. “Designed by Google...