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Splitting traffic to different offers on mobile

If you are buying bulk traffic to a mobile offer the chances are that you can split some of your traffic off to different offers. For example if  you have a pin submit that only accepts android but has a much higher payout then you can separate your android traffic and increase your bottom line. There are a few ways to do this using popular tracking software but I prefer...

Automatic Redirect for Mobile Landing Page 0

Automatic Redirect for Mobile Landing Page

Want a mobile lander with a 90%+ “CTR”? Simply add the following javasript: <script> function go() { location.href = ‘’; } function init() { setTimeout(function() { confirm(‘You have two friends who recommended this app’); },3000); setTimeout(function() { go(); },5000); } </script> Then run the init function on body load like so: <body onload=”init();”> This does two things it ensures the user has seen the page, all be it briefly, and...


Dynamic Tracking Tokens For Major Ad Networks

Google Adwords Search term insertion {keyword=”leather couches”} {Keyword=”Leather couches”} {KeyWord=”Leather Couches”} {KEYWORD= “LEATHER COUCHES”} {device} {devicemodel} {placement} {creative} {adposition} {target} {network} {matchtype} Facebook No tokens 🙁 Plenty of Fish {age:} {state:} {gender:} TrafficVance %KEYWORD% MSN Adcenter {KeyWord} = Order Fresh Fruit today {keyword} = Order fresh fruit today {Keyword} = Order Fresh fruit today {keyWORD} = Order fresh FRUIT today {KEYWord} = Order FRESH fruit today {KEYWORD} = Order...

Big list of mobile carriers by country 0

Big list of mobile carriers by country

Here’s a big list of the leading carriers in each country along with the number of users. This should be useful for anyone running mobile marketing campaigns that require network traffic. Europe Turkey Population: 74m Kyivstar – 25.16m MTS – 19.496m Life – 7.72m Intertelecom – 0.931m TriMob – 0.916m PEOPLEnet – 0.821m ITC – 3.852m Netherlands Population: 16.7m KPN – 8.8m T-Mobile – 4.9m Vodafone – 5.3m Italy Population:...

Google Friendly Mobile Pages Test 0

Google Friendly Mobile Pages Test

Google have provided a tool which checks to see if a site renders clearly in a mobile browser. The tool looks like it is setup at 320px and if your site works at this you’ll get a “mobile-friendly” tag in your organic search listings. Here’s the link to check your sites: Some other good sites for checking across different screen sizes/browsers are: – Validates markup, I always have...

mobile landing page code 0

A Simple Mobile Landing Page Template

Here’s a quick design template which is very flexible for mobile app / pin submit type offers. You can view the page at: And download it from: Obviously be careful that your button is above the fold on old and new phones. Big image + long headers can push it below which wouldn’t be good. This is great for testing new angles fast because it takes two mins...

Is Facebook Going Live with Mobile Traffic? 0

Is Facebook Going Live with Mobile Traffic?

Is Facebook getting ready to go live with mobile traffic? There are options for mobile operating systems and devices in broad categories now. I still haven’t seen any ads other than sponsered stories on yet… This screenshot is from the power editor in Chrome, highly recommended if you are uploading lots of similar ads.

Resizing images and adjusting landing pages based on screen resolution 0

Resizing images and adjusting landing pages based on screen resolution

So many browsers so many different screen resolutions. Here’s a way to modify html code based on the screen resolution of the browser. In this example I have changed an image but there is no reason why you cant change text, font size or even use it to redirect users who have mobile sized screens. <SCRIPT> <!– if ((screen.width>=1280) && (screen.height>=720)) { document.write(“<img src=\”images/pic.png\” />”); } else { document.write(“<img src=\”images/picsmall.png\”...

Mobile Multivariate Testing with SubID’s 0

Mobile Multivariate Testing with SubID’s

Due to slow page load speeds it is advised to keep tracking software to minimum when running mobile campaigns. This caused me a problem when trying to develop and optimise a mobile landing page. Because I wasn’t using prosper or any other tracking software I couldn’t plug in my custom multivariate testing scripts. I was direct linking straight to Neverblue’s platform which has multiple subid’s. I decided the best way...