Guest Post Guidelines

I am looking for talented writers to create great content for this blog.

Guidelines for Approval

  1. Content must be original, unpublished, unique, not spun, not rewritten. I check every submission with an online plagiarism tool.
  2. Overly commercial or self-promotional articles wont be accepted. I can’t post fake guru nonsense or corporate press releases that wouldn’t interest readers.
  3. Backlinks are fine and I understand the SEO value but must be natural to credible resources. Stick to one link per domain where possible.
  4. Content should be grammatically and technically accurate.
  5. Author should be technically knowledgeable in the field that they are writing about.
  6. Articles should offer maximum value to readers. Actionable information that adds real value.
  7. Include rich media such as images, tables, lists, infographics if possible etc.
  8. Post can be submitted as a Google doc link or HTML with attached images.
  9. Only submit articles that you are open to making changes to. If the content is great but the layout/images/headings needs tweeking for example.
  10. When submitting content include any links to social accounts that you can post the finished article to i.e. if you have a twitter/linkedin account.

Submit the article, images and any social account links that you can syndicate the content to:

Guest Post Guidelines 1