Facebook Social Graph, Start of the end for online dating? 0

Facebook Social Graph, Start of the end for online dating?

Today Facebook launched the social graph in the UK. You can see from the below screenshot how this can be used to search for friends and friends of friends who are single. Could this be the start of Facebook entering or getting more involved in the online dating world? With the introduction of #hashtags it was clear Facebook was treading on Twitters toes. Now social graph is a clear attack...

Using Google Fonts on Landing Pages 0

Using Google Fonts on Landing Pages

This is how you can use Google web fonts on your landing pages, blog posts and web pages. The benefit of this is that the font is loaded from a remote server include on the Google APIs so it does not depend on the local storage of that font on the users computer. This makes it great for landing pages as it will render the same on Windows, Mac, Android,...

Email Bounce Handling 0

Email Bounce Handling

Here’s some PHP code developed to handle bounced email responses. This will give each response a code to $resno and a category to $rescat. There are 4 categories: Unknown – Hard bounce user or email address isn’t valid Spam – Soft bounce, blocked by spam filters Full – Soft bounce, user is out of resources or inbox is full Block – Soft bounce, IP/Domain is being blocked for SMTP connections...

Online Banner Design Tool 0

Online Banner Design Tool

Need to design/modify banners but don’t have Photoshop installed? Try this online image editor: http://pixlr.com/editor/ A great little tool for the affiliate that only does image editing once in a blue moon, you lucky souls. Pixlr – The online alternative to photoshop

Installing Prosper202 for Affiliate Marketing 0

Installing Prosper202 for Affiliate Marketing

Things you’ll need to get setup with Prosper202 and affiliate marketing: > A webhost or VPS or Dedicated server (web host is cheapest, Dedi’s are most expensive, VPS is a good compromise) > A domain name, just use a .com in case you want to run international in the future. Godaddy are pretty good. > An ftp client. I use fireftp, a firefox addon. Just type ftp into the addons...

Yousif Yalda Recognition 0

Yousif Yalda Recognition

Recognition for being a complete idiot. Don’t ever run traffic to Profit Kings Media (PKM) or you’ll end up with stupid Skype messages like this:

Neverblue Out of Bounds Thailand 2013 0

Neverblue Out of Bounds Thailand 2013

Thank you Neverblue for a great trip to Phuket Thailand, was good to see everyone in the Neverblue team and meet some new faces. Just when you think the out of bounds trips can’t get any better… The Westin Siray Hotel where we stayed Everything required for an OOB trip was supplied Boat trip to Ko Phi Phi Sunset over Siray bay Particular thanks to Amanda who couldn’t be there,...


Coding PHP for Affiliates | A Getting Started Guide

Coding for me is one of the most important skills you can have as an affiliate marketer. I’ve met plenty of affiliates that are running huge volume, making millions and can’t write a single line of code. “I just outsource it all” but for me I couldn’t imagine coming up with a tweak to a landing page or a new concept and not being able to impliment it there and...

High CPU usage on mysqld but low memory usage 0

High CPU usage on mysqld but low memory usage

Had a problem with a server that was running alot of traffic and doing a lot of logging and updating mysql tables. The CPU usage was through the roof and it’s an 8 core server with 30GB of RAM. The strange thing was that mysqld was using all the processing power but hardly any memory was being used. You can check what is using all the CPU/Memory by running “top”...