Bing URL Ripper for Dorks 0

Bing URL Ripper for Dorks

This is a URL ripper which uses bing to search for a dork i.e. “powered by wordpress” and output a list of thousands of wordpress sites. This example was actually setup to rip ning sites but you can adjust accordingly. Written in ruby for linux… #!/usr/bin/env ruby require ‘net/http’ require ‘uri’ class Search def search(search) search = search.gsub(‘ ‘, ‘+’) linksinc = Array.new paths =[‘/search?q=’ + search, ‘/search?q=’ + search...

Script.aculo.us –  Interactive Landing Pages 0

Script.aculo.us – Interactive Landing Pages

Interaction is key in modern web design and one of the tools I’ve found to be very helpful in making a more interactive environment is script.aculo.us It is basically a javascript inlcude which can provide you with a whole load of effects and functions to use on your landing pages. Check out a simple example I put together here. Download > Unzip > Open test.htm in a browser This simple...

Social Network Demographics 0

Social Network Demographics

Heres a little sketch I put together of the stereotypical users of each of the major social networks. I used Alexa to put this together based on their audience profiling and I’ve linked to each at the bottom if you want some further reading. Alexa profiles: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest MySpace

Internet World London 2012 0

Internet World London 2012

Earls Court, London was home to Internet World 2012 and on a wet Wednesday morning in April I jumped on a train to check it out. It was my first visit to this show and I came away with mixed feelings. I was hoping it was going to be like ad-tech but there was only one company exhibiting that was selling traffic, I think they deserve a mention for that...

15 Tools I Couldn’t Live Without 0

15 Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

Everyone has their own set of tools that makes their day to day working life easier. Below I have made a list of the tools I use regularly and recommend to others. Notepad ++ – A great little text editor for windows (I use Kate in Linux). I pretty much hand code everything now so I spend alot of time using a text editor and Notepad ++ and Kate are...

UK Postcodes for major cities 0

UK Postcodes for major cities

This is useful for PoF advertising. A list of postcodes (Zip Codes) for major cities in the UK. Can be used for all sorts of other uses, as you can see this was formatted for a php geo-targeting script. $postcode[‘London’] = ‘W1D1AP’; // use for england radius 75miles $postcode[‘Birmingham’] = ‘B46QS’; $postcode[‘Leeds’] = ‘LS18TL’; //not working $postcode[‘Glasgow’] = ‘G22EN’; $postcode[‘Sheffield’] = ‘S38LN’; $postcode[‘Bradford’] = ‘BD12DH’; //not working $postcode[‘Edinburgh’] = ‘EH11JT’;...


Building a Stack For Fun and Profit – The Internet Marketing 101

Time Frame: 3 Years Day 1 – The Study Period Read, read, read. You’ve probably heard from a friend, colleague or just through the grapevine that people are making alot of money promoting affiliate products online and want a piece of the action. It’s time to start soaking up knowledge to give yourself an idea of how it works, whether its for you, if the money they are talking about...

Direct Response Marketing Pushing CPC Prices Up – The Future for Google Adwords 0

Direct Response Marketing Pushing CPC Prices Up – The Future for Google Adwords

I was asked to setup a little campaign for an offline electrical company on “The Google”. The business they operate in is electrical testing or PAT testing as it is known here in the UK. It’s the kind of industry where I wouldn’t expect to find much competition when it comes to online marketing. That was until I saw the CPC’s in Adwords for keywords related to his business: This...

The Neverblue Velo Bankruptcy Saga 0

The Neverblue Velo Bankruptcy Saga

On April 3rd Velo Holdings the parent company of Vertrue which in turn is the parent company of Neverblue (have I got that right?) filed for bankruptcy. Performer insider released an “affiliate marketing is dead” post and I’m sure alot of affiliates, myself included, panicked. A generic email followed which stated “we intend to make all affiliate payments on schedule, in a timely and reliable manner” which shows good intentions...