Leading Ad Networks

Here is a list of the leading ad networks @ Dec 2015: Search PPC Google Adwords MSN Adcenter Social Networks Facebook Twitter Plenty of Fish Reddit LinkedIn In-text Ad Networks 50onRed Infolinks Clicksor Pay per view PPV Traffic Vance Lead Impact Media Traffic Clicksor Pop Unders Wiget Media Adcash AdsTerra Banner Display Networks / Exchanges Sitescout Google Adwords Display / Doubleclick Media.net Advertising.com Engage BDR (First Impression) BuySellAds Adroll OpenX...

The truth about online advertising agencies and consultants 0

The truth about online advertising agencies and consultants

I see a lot of companies promoting online marketing services to small and medium sized businesses. The engineering company I am involved with gets emails every day from companies offering adwords optimisation or SEO (search engine optimisation) services. How many of these companies actually know what they are doing though? I would hazard a guess at next to none of them. Why would they? If a guy can actually rank...

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7 easy ways to make money with affiliate marketing

Build a blog and setup adsense banners This is where most affiliates start, all you need is a domain name and a wordpress installation with some hosting. Build your blog, do some guest posts, read about SEO and hope Google sends you some traffic. Monetisation is usually done with Google Adsense which means selling advertising space on your site. For every 1000 visitors you get to your site you should...

how to choose cpa offers 0

How to choose offers from an affiliate network

The most useful bit of information you can get from your affiliate manager is what offers are running the most volume. This is the only data I ever ask AM’s for because it tells me in no uncertain terms what is competitive on the network at the moment. AM’s are notorious for bombarding us with info on CPC’s (cost per click), the latest and greatest offer for Yemen and their...

11 Proven Headline Formulas For Affiliate Marketing 0

11 Proven Headline Formulas For Affiliate Marketing

Here is a list of headlines, most you’ll probably recognise. They are all over the web because they work. Use the formulas and adapt it to your product/service. ONE SIMPLE TRICK TO A …[BENEFIT] EXPERTS HATE HIM FOR …[BENEFIT] WARNING: [BENEFIT] 1268 LONDONERS [BENEFIT] IS [PRODUCT] A SCAM? CAN [PRODUCT] HELP YOU [BENEFIT]? HOW TO [BENEFIT] BEST [PRODUCT] TO [BENEFIT] 2015 [BENEFIT] GUIDE FOUR SIMPLE STEPS TO [BENEFIT] THE TRUTH...

Automatic Redirect for Mobile Landing Page 0

Automatic Redirect for Mobile Landing Page

Want a mobile lander with a 90%+ “CTR”? Simply add the following javasript: <script> function go() { location.href = ‘http://www.jamesbachini.com’; } function init() { setTimeout(function() { confirm(‘You have two friends who recommended this app’); },3000); setTimeout(function() { go(); },5000); } </script> Then run the init function on body load like so: <body onload=”init();”> This does two things it ensures the user has seen the page, all be it briefly, and...


Dynamic Tracking Tokens For Major Ad Networks

Google Adwords Search term insertion {keyword=”leather couches”} {Keyword=”Leather couches”} {KeyWord=”Leather Couches”} {KEYWORD= “LEATHER COUCHES”} {device} {devicemodel} {placement} {creative} {adposition} {target} {network} {matchtype} Facebook No tokens 🙁 Plenty of Fish pof.com {age:} {state:} {gender:} TrafficVance %KEYWORD% MSN Adcenter {KeyWord} = Order Fresh Fruit today {keyword} = Order fresh fruit today {Keyword} = Order Fresh fruit today {keyWORD} = Order fresh FRUIT today {KEYWord} = Order FRESH fruit today {KEYWORD} = Order...


Problems with running traffic to CPA affiliate networks

OK this might be a bit of an eye opener for anyone running traffic to CPA networks. This is obviously a negative post about some pet hates but there is a place for networks in the industry and they have their uses for sure which I’ll go through at the end. CPA networks have “internal media buying teams”. They will tell you there is no conflict of interest and that...

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Checking landing page load times

Landing page load times can make a big difference to the conversion rate of an affiliate campaign. Here’s a great free site for checking load times and getting suggestions on how to improve the page load speed. http://gtmetrix.com As you can see I could do with tweeking wordpress to display the images a bit better on my own blog 🙂