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Loading a conversion pixel on click through 0

Loading a conversion pixel on click through

Mobile campaign optimisation throws up a number of issues in regard to tracking. One thing I’ve found really useful is to load a conversion pixel on click through from the landing page to the offer page. This can be a traffic source pixel which can then be used to give some indication of site/device/carrier quality etc. It’ll be tracking click throughs rather than conversions so it’s not perfect but it...

Script.aculo.us –  Interactive Landing Pages 0

Script.aculo.us – Interactive Landing Pages

Interaction is key in modern web design and one of the tools I’ve found to be very helpful in making a more interactive environment is script.aculo.us It is basically a javascript inlcude which can provide you with a whole load of effects and functions to use on your landing pages. Check out a simple example I put together here. Download > Unzip > Open test.htm in a browser This simple...

Mixing php with javascrip – Heredoc 0

Mixing php with javascrip – Heredoc

My main issue with javascript is the fact it is full of ‘ and ” which can be a real pain when coding. I’ve started using a method called heredoc to set a start and end point, example below. // Heredoc string // $sstring = <<<TEST Hello World TEST; The word TEST could be anything and it wont finish inputing the string until it comes across it again. This is...