CPA Tips

Maxbounty tracking with subid in prosper202:


The standard conversion rate I use (probably out of date):

//$ > £ = x 0.64
Note that what you buy and sell dollars for is very different, 2-4%
Consider setting up US bank account. Not possible without visiting the states to the best of my knowledge.

Phi ( I use this in design more than anything, if you don’t know what it is google it)
phi = 1.618

Viewable window in Traffic Vance is 775 x 400px
Popped in a 800×600 window

Notes on email submits:
Email submits are a pain in the arse. They are scrubbed to the point of being fraudulent, every single one of them. If you think you can just get a user to put his email in and you’ll get paid forget it. The process works on a conversion path where value is created when a user goes on to complete offers after putting their email in. How many users complete the offers and how many offers they complete before they get bored affects how many conversions you’ll get sent back. To have any success don’t direct link and put your own gateway page with encouragement to complete offers once they’ve entered their email addy. Alternatively avoid like the plague or track like a nun unless you like headaches and campaigns drying up for no reason. These offers are not as simple as they first appear.

Neverblue – Recommended. Great offers.

EWA mission statement: We pay weekly from day 1, with no threshold.
EWA reality: If you’re in the UK and want to get paid there is a $3,000 threshold (nice)

MaxBounty – Highly Recommended, Our affiliate manager is Cassandra who is about as helpful as any AM I’ve ever met.

VanceAd – Dropped an offer and redirected to a blank page, no notification. Dropped VanceAd.

Epic Direct – Confusing interface, weird system for applying for offers, standard payout isn’t competitive. Professional company with London office.

Profit Kings Media – Bad communications, wouldn’t recommend.

Peerfly – Mainly E-mail/Zip submit offers, easy to setup, not much UK inventory.



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