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  • ETHDenver | Thoughts & Takeaways From The Biggest US Blockchain Conference

    ETHDenver | Thoughts & Takeaways From The Biggest US Blockchain Conference

    This article is aimed at providing an overview summary of what was talked about at ETHDenver and some of the things I picked up while being there. Buzz Word Bingo I took the schedule and ran through how many talks there were on each of these subjects. Buzz Word No. Of Talks Zero Knowledge 18 […]

  • Ethereum DevCon Bogotá Write Up

    Ethereum DevCon Bogotá Write Up

    In this post I’m going to try to summarise some of the most interesting talks at from DevCon 2022. Here’s a video summary about the key takeaways from the conference. James On YouTube Watch On YouTube: https://youtu.be/kgiAV7z1fwo |Subscribe The main topics for this years event were: One of the best things about the event is […]

  • Affiliate Summit West 2015

    Affiliate Summit West 2015

    I missed it last year so am really looking forward to getting back to Vegas for some blackjack, craps and roulette. No meetings before midday this time, live and learn! I first went to affiliate summit in 2012 and in my opinion it’s the best show of the year. The  location, the parties, the sheer […]

  • Local Sims

    Local Sims

    Travel and work – a tough combination. One thing that makes it infinitely easier is to purchase a local sim card with 3G data. I’m typing this from a hotel room in Cambodia. The hotel’s wifi like most hotels in SE Asia is questionable at best. Having a local sim card allows me to tether […]

  • ATW: Singapore

    Overall Singapore is the best city I have ever visited. It was like an oasis of calm after travelling in Sri Lanka and India for three weeks. Cars stop to let you cross the road, the streets are cleaner than any other city, people are generally more respectful to one another and their surroundings. Public […]

  • Kerala and leaving India

    Kerala was the highlight of India for me. Situated at the bottom of the country the region is made up of beautiful beaches, stunning backwaters and vibrant local towns. Fort Cochin is a small Portuguese colonial town with a few things to do and see. They have a fish market where you can buy freshly […]

  • ATW: Goa

    I’ve finally got round to setting up a category for travel stuff and have set a redirect at jamesbachini.com/atw Goa was a lot of fun, I’d love to go back between December and January because it gets pretty crazy apparently. In off season it’s quiet with not many western tourists. Beaches are beautiful, traffic is […]

  • Mumbai Reality

    Dharavi is the most populated slum in Asia with over a million people living in a square kilometer. It’s an incredibly eye opening place to visit because of the way the people there just get on with their daily business. With conditions such as running water limited to 3 hours a day you’d think the […]