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A free course providing resources and content to help you learn digital marketing.


I created this course to improve my own skills and help others learn digital marketing. If I can help just one person find some of the opportunities that I have enjoyed, then the work that went into creating this will be more than worth it. If you know someone that might benefit from this content, please share it with them.

There are constantly evolving marketing tactics, growth hacks and opportunities with new traffic sources. There are also fundamental marketing methods that haven’t changed in a 100 years. I have aimed to cover both in this content.

The content above shows what is working right now in the 2020’s. Some of the principles such as the marketing psychology in the copywriting section will still be relevant in the 3020’s.

Where To Start?

Start by building and driving traffic (visitors) to web properties. Without traffic the best website or app in the world becomes irrelevant.

WordPress is a free, simple (no coding required) but powerful platform for building out websites and landing pages. For coders I’d recommend a modern boilerplate built for performance marketing such as VanillaHTML.

Choose a niche which you have an interest and background knowledge in. Pick a short, brandable, memorable .com domain name. Figure out how the website will be monetised. Then start building content.

Affiliate marketing is a great place to develop skills where you can get paid a sales commission to promote merchants products. Companies like Amazon, eBay, Booking.com all have popular affiliate programs.

SEO vs Paid Traffic

One of the choices you’ll have to make early on is whether to focus on SEO or run paid traffic to the site.

SEO is a marathon not a sprint and can take 6-12 months of hard work before you start seeing significant traffic. Paid traffic is instant but is often unprofitable to start with.

For beginners I’d recommend doing both. Start by creating some great long-form content that should do well with search engine traffic in the long-term. Then run some paid ads to that content to give it some seed marketing. This will give you instant feedback, let you learn quicker and create an initial audience for your content.

You don’t need a huge budget, setting a daily cap of $5 and bidding $0.1/click on Google Ads will drive 50 visitors a day to your site and give you some stats to go over weekly.

Setting up smart goals in Google analytics will show who is interacting with your content the most. We can use this data to optimise the paid traffic campaigns, try different traffic sources and figure out what works.

learn digital marketing
Learn what works in digital marketing by testing, analysing the results and improving continuously

At $5/day in six months you’ll have spent around $1000 and will have hopefully:

  • built an engaged audience
  • learnt a lot from mistakes along the way
  • generated some revenues
  • have a better idea of what works
  • start seeing some search engine traffic

If you’ve enjoyed these resources could you help share this content on social media and send it to anyone who you think might benefit from it.

Thank you.