James Bachini

James Bachini


James Bachini is a blockchain developer, researcher and investor in the crypto space.

“Since 2017 I have been exploring and experimenting with blockchain technologies. I am fascinated by the ability to deploy permissionless, immutable code across a decentralised p2p network”

James is a content creator, consistently putting out independent research on blockchain development, decentralized finance and digital asset portfolio management.

Based in Cambridgeshire, England he launched his first successful company in 2011 growing a digital marketing agency to $10m/year turnover.

Today James is an active member of the crypto community, talking at events and contributing to open source code.

The YouTube channel has grown to 13,000+ subscribers and this website now receives 100,000+ unique visitors a year.


👨‍💻 5 Years+ Solidity Dev Experience

🧙‍♂️ Solana/Rust Dev Experience

📈 Founded Digital Marketing Agency

🔍 Active Interest In Blockchain Security

🌎 Web3, Frontend dApp Production

🌱 Strategy & Tokenomics Consulting

🍣 Liquidity Management

🚀 CEX/DEX Trading Systems

If you would like to reach out you can contact me or connect via social media:

The content I create is to document my journey and for entertainment purposes. It is not under any circumstances investment advice. I am not an investment or trading professional and am learning myself while still making plenty of mistakes along the way. Any code published is experimental and not production ready to be used for financial transactions. DYOR and do not play with funds you do not want to lose.