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I’m James Bachini and I’m based in Cambridgeshire, England ☕ and whenever possible Capbreton, France 🌞

I started out doing web design for local clients in my late teens. Around 2005 I discovered Google pay per click ads and by 2010 I was running high volume performance marketing campaigns to affiliate networks. I was in the right place at the right time just as affiliate marketing was taking off and affiliates had a competitive edge over brand advertisers. At that time there were very few people sharing information on what actually worked in online marketing.

Today there is infinitely more noise in the space but actionable information is perhaps even harder to find.

James Bachini

In 2011 I started this blog to educate and document my journey.

I went on to build an independent ad network and developed demand side advertising technology. Between 2017 and 2020 I worked on a blockchain project focused on monetisation of web content. The project ultimately failed but it gave me conviction in the blockchain sector and the merits of cryptocurrencies.

By late 2020 I was working on algorithmic cryptocurrency trading systems using data driven analytics similar to what I had been using in performance marketing optimisation. Fortunately I was in the right place at the right time once again.

In 2021 a new cryptocurrency bull market took off and I found myself managing a substantial portfolio of crypto assets. This led me to focus my attention on managing that portfolio and learning as much as possible about risk management, trading and emerging blockchain technologies as quickly as possible so that I don’t mess this up.

2021 marks the ten year anniversary of this blog so I’m going to be increasing efforts to share what I’ve learned here and on my Youtube channel 👇

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The content I create is to document my journey and for entertainment purposes. It is not under any circumstances investment advice. I am not an investment or trading professional and am learning myself while still making plenty of mistakes along the way. Any code published is experimental and not production ready to be used for financial transactions. DYOR and do not play with funds you do not want to lose.