James Bachini

James Bachini


James Bachini is a blockchain developer, researcher and investor in the crypto space.

“Since 2017 I have been exploring and experimenting with blockchain technologies. I am fascinated by the ability to deploy permissionless, immutable code across a decentralised p2p network”

James is a content creator and blockchain developer, consistently putting out independent research on decentralized finance and digital asset portfolio management.

Based in Cambridgeshire, England he launched his first successful company in 2011 growing a digital marketing agency to $10m/year turnover.

Today James is an active member of the crypto community, talking at events and contributing to open source code.

The YouTube channel has grown to 15,000+ subscribers and this website now receives 100,000+ unique visitors a year.


👨‍💻 5 Years+ Solidity Dev Experience

🧙‍♂️ Solana/Rust Dev Experience

📈 Founded Digital Marketing Agency

🔍 Active Interest In Blockchain Security

🌎 Web3, Frontend dApp Production

🌱 Strategy & Tokenomics Consulting

🍣 Liquidity Management

🚀 CEX/DEX Trading Systems

My Story So Far…

In 2011, I founded a digital marketing agency that quickly rose to success, bringing in a 7 figure exit. After travelling around the world for a year I was feeling confident and ready for my next venture. I co-founded a blockchain start-up in 2017, which unfortunately, didn’t go as planned and the project failed.

Crypto markets had been in a deep bear market since 2018 and during the covid crash of March 2020 the little Ethereum we held in our treasury was trading at $80, the project was insolvent.

This setback left me feeling discouraged and disheartened. I lost 3 years of my life, let down external investors and lost some personal funds. My own investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since 2017 were also down by more than 50%. It was a big step backwards that knocked my confidence.

Despite the challenges, I still believed in blockchain technology and that the world was moving towards digital assets. I doubled down and invested what I had left personally and committed to managing those funds full time.

I got very lucky with timing because from that point on crypto markets done their thing and Bitcoin went from $3k to $65k in just over a year. During this time I dove headfirst into researching emerging technologies, honing my Solidity skills and setting up robust system trading infrastructure.

I was camped out on the floor of my living room when Bitcoin finally broke $20k because my girlfriend had become so annoyed with alarms going off in the middle of the night. But all the hard work and sleepless nights paid off in the end. I took significant profits out of the market on the day of the Coinbase IPO and purchased my dream home in Cambridgeshire, England.

I got lucky again as this turned out to be a local top and my digital asset portfolio has significantly outperformed both Bitcoin and Ethereum since inception, mainly due to being early to new projects, narratives and rotations.

Since the collapse in 2022 I’ve redeployed capital and am now looking for new opportunities as we start the next leg of the market cycle. I document my research, frameworks and share what I learn on this blog and across social media.

The content I create is to document my journey and for entertainment purposes. It is not under any circumstances investment advice. I am not an investment or trading professional and am learning myself while still making plenty of mistakes along the way. Any code published is experimental and not production ready to be used for financial transactions. DYOR and do not play with funds you do not want to lose.