Engage BDR – Self-serve RTB

Have you seen these ads all over the internet?
Chances are pretty high it was probably served by Engage BDR.

Up until now their minimum deposit just to test a campaign was $25,000 USD. Which for most affiliates is completely out of reach but now they have released a new real time bidding platform which is run on a self-serve basis. This means you have total control over your campaigns and the minimum deposit is just $500 USD. Think SiteScout on steroids.


This is a snippet from their site:

First Impression is the first of its kind RTB self serve display platform that focuses on the direct response advertiser.

We have built a platform that enables advertisers to target online and mobile inventory like never before. Advertisers can now test campaigns on our exchange traffic, scale on our premium inventory and expand their campaigns into mobile. In development, we focused on the methodology of a performance advertiser, and created a platform that empowers them to easily measure success and grow campaigns quickly and efficiently.

By leveraging real time buying, it gives a media buyer the full control to maximize the value of an impression and increase ROI.

They are really putting this out there for affiliates to get on board and start running traffic. Focusing primarily on web display and mobile display traffic they are in a great position to become the next big thing in affiliate marketing. The optimisation options are impressive with geo-targeting, demographic targeting and site level targeting. But most impressive of all is the massive volume these guys have access to, if you can get something working with Engage BDR you really are playing in the big leagues.

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