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scriptaculous logoInteraction is key in modern web design and one of the tools I’ve found to be very helpful in making a more interactive environment is

It is basically a javascript inlcude which can provide you with a whole load of effects and functions to use on your landing pages.

Check out a simple example I put together here. Download > Unzip > Open test.htm in a browser

This simple drag and drop interface opens up a world of possibilities on its own. Create simple online games, drop photos, drop objects onto images etc. It’s all done with javascript and CSS so anybody can mess with it. But that isn’t all scriptaculous is good for, check out their examples for automatic form completions and graphics demos.

Whatever vertical you run in, if you are using a landing page, you can probably find something on which will improve conversion rate.

To get started take a look at the example here and pull it apart and make it work for your offers.

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