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A simple iOS / Android traffic splitter in PHP

The following basic PHP code will split traffic by device with iOS traffic going to the first out link, Android to the second and leftovers to the third. <?php     $ua = strtolower($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’]);     if (strpos($ua,’iphone’) !== false || strpos($ua,’ipod’) !== false || strpos($ua,’ipad’) !== false) {         $out = ‘https://iosoutlink.com/’;     } elseif (strpos($ua,’android’) !== false) {         $out = ‘https://androidoutlink.com’;     } else {       ...

Spying on Mobile Ads from Firefox 0

Spying on Mobile Ads from Firefox

If you want to know what ads are running on a mobile site anywhere in the world you can do this with Firefox without going anywhere near a mobile device. Simply download the following add-ons: User Agent Switcher Modify Headers Simply select the device you want to “look through” in User agent switcher and then grab a http user agent and paste it into Modify headers. User agents can be...