James Bachini

January 2013

  • Las Vegas 2013, Affiliate Summit West, iDates etc.

    Four shows and countless parties in 8 days. Here are some pics from Las Vegas this January: Some takeaways I had from this trip: Don’t ever book meetings before midday and preferably later still. Even if you can party till 4am and get up and sober for a meeting at 10am the chances are the…

  • Display Marketing Logo Challenge

    Wow I don’t mind admitting half of these companies I’ve never heard of before: Display marketing infographic (from http://www.lumapartners.com a good blog actually looking at the industry from an investment perspective) They also have ones for mobile, social and search: http://www.lumapartners.com/lumascapes/mobile-lumascape/ http://www.lumapartners.com/lumascapes/social-lumascape/ http://www.lumapartners.com/lumascapes/search-lumascape/ and my favourite, just in case anyones working on the next MyFace: http://www.lumapartners.com/lumascapes/digital-capital-lumascape/

  • Direct Linking and Retargeting

    Here is how to do it, you’ll still need a server and a domain. Point all your traffic towards a php file i.e. http://www.mydomain.com/trackandforward.php Then place all your retargeting pixels in to the trackandforward.php file and put a meta refresh at the the end. The page will load the retargeting cookies will be placed and…

  • Out of Bounds Thailand March 2013

    Just had the email come through confirming a place! Looking forward to seeing everyone for Out of Bounds Thailand. The official dates are 13th – 18th March but I am thinking of going out on the 9th and staying till the 24th. Let me know if anyone else has plans outside of the OOB dates.

  • Firing a S2S tracking url from an image conversion pixel

    Use this on your landing page: setcookie(“cid”, $_GET[‘accid’], time()+7*24*60*60, ‘/’, ‘.mydomain.com’); This sets up a cookie so you can track a click id in www.mydomain.com?accid=123 You could also set this up track any other data you want, subid, affiliate id etc. Then setup your conversion image pixel as <img src=”http://www.mydomain.com/conversion.php” height=”1px” width=”1px” /> This code…