Monthly Archive: September 2016

vibrating phone

Using javascript to make a mobile landing page vibrate the phone

The following javascript uses the Vibrate API to make a phone vibrate when a page is loaded. You can time it with setTimeouts or onclick/onscroll if required. <html> <script> navigator.vibrate = navigator.vibrate || navigator.webkitVibrate || navigator.mozVibrate || navigator.msVibrate; navigator.vibrate(1000); // 1 second </script> Hello Buzz </html> There’s more information available at: This can be used to draw a users attention to the landing page or to create message effects...

ben horowitz hard things about hard things summary

Ben Horowitz Hard things about hard things

Andreeson Horowitz is Silicon Valleys leading venture capital firm. Their portfolio itself is worth a flick through at: Portfolio It’s incredible how many of the tech startup success stories they have been involved in. Ben Horowitz is one of the cofounders and in his book the Hard things about hard things he talks about his time before he started the VC firm. He was CEO of Soundcloud/Opsware and describes himself...