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Affiliate Network and Payment Terms

There has been news this week of Epic/Azoogle stopping all weekly payments to affiliates. This has sent rumors of financial difficulties and cash flow problems circling the forums for one of the giant CPA networks. Just when the dust settles Maxbounty sends out a network email informing all affiliates they are improving their payment terms to weekly for every single affiliate regardless of volume.party over at epic direct

What a massive kick to the teeth for Epic and their affiliates. I hear that a lot of affiliates have moved on from Epic/Azoogle since they were in their prime two to three years ago. Even if their financial situation is OK why would anyone settle for monthly payments when there are now so many good CPA networks now offering weekly payouts.

Fast payment terms is the only way to go from bedroom affiliate marketing to big business. Cash flow is king when scaling campaigns and turning up the volume. If you can find a campaign which doubles your money work out the difference of investing £1000 and it doubling weekly vs investing £1000 and it doubling monthly.

It would take a year for the affiliate on monthly terms to accomplish what the weekly affiliate could produce in 3 months.

If only some of the affiliate networks in the UK would take note and start competing with their international competition.

The winner out of this is obviously going to be Maxbounty who are now offering weekly credit terms to anyone and everyone. They reacted fast and affiliates will take note. I think there is a threshold of $100 which should be easily obtainable on a weekly basis, even for new affiliates.

We wish Epic the best of luck and hope they will be alright, noone wants to see another big network go down.

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