James Bachini

Automatic Redirect for Mobile Landing Page

Want a mobile lander with a 90%+ “CTR”? Simply add the following javasript:
function go() { location.href = ‘http://www.jamesbachini.com’; }
function init() {
setTimeout(function() { confirm(‘You have two friends who recommended this app’); },3000);
setTimeout(function() { go(); },5000);

Then run the init function on body load like so:
<body onload=”init();”>

This does two things it ensures the user has seen the page, all be it briefly, and then automatically redirects them. You can use this to show users an angle and then redirect them to GooglePlay or iStore for example.

The two setTimeout functions have 3000, 5000 at the end this is the delay in milliseconds i.e. 3,4 seconds before the redirect. Set this to what you want.

automatic redirect mobile landing page

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James Bachini

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